DIY Electrical Problems: Hire the Pros

  • February 28, 2019

Wiring your own home for electric may seem like the best option. After all, professionals charge thousands of dollars for their service, money which many people aren’t equipped to fork over. But, think twice before you attempt to handle your own electrical wiring. Saving money can come at a cost.  Not only is wiring the home yourself risky, you may fail to install the wires correctly, which can lead to a variety of issues.

Don’t Combine Old Wiring & New lights

Don’t try to cut costs by replacing the lights but not the wiring in the home. This can be a big problem if the wiring in the home cannot handle the wattage and the modern fixtures that are made today. If the wires in the home were created before 1987, it is time to replace them anyway.


You might think that it is okay to stick all of the wires into one hole as possible so there is less drilling, but this can lead to a problem called overcrowding. This problem will cause damage to the insulation and may cause the wires to drag across each other, which causes a big fire hazard.

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Bad Splices

A bad splice is a big problem. Be sure that splicing takes place in the junction box, as it is illegal outside of the box. It can also result in a code violation if you install it outside of the junction box.

Be sure to phone professionals to schedule residential electrical service hackett ar if you need wiring installed in the home and avoid this task yourself. It is worth the money and when the time to compare is taken, getting a great price for the work is simple. You owe it to yourself and the ones that you love to take the proper steps to stay safe!