About This Blog

Welcome. My name is Becki and I am a yoga and wellness instructor in California. I live with my boyfriend in our small studio apartment. However, my true passion is photography, I love going out to yoga retreats and snapping pictures of the nature around me. There is nothing more tranquil and beautiful about a gorgeous photograph that emulates the world’s beauty.

Hey there! I’m Hazel (Becki’s younger sister) and I am currently studying art history at college. My sister and I are super passionate about creativity and exploring things like nature and design, which is why we started this page so that we could show people all across the internet our passion and meet people who are also interested in all of these things.

We are going to be talking about everything and anything to do with art, music, and photography because these are the three areas of creativity that we are most in tune with and love. We are always finding new things to learn with these topics and although our blog is to help people we are super open to hearing what you guys have to say so that we can learn some new techniques with any of these. 

There is nothing quite like sharing your passions through a platform like this one and getting to know other creative people who you would not have normally met through your own circle. We are really excited to get started with our blog and we look forward to hearing from some of you!