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Composite Instruments VS. Wood Instruments

The quality of sound produced by a musical instrument is determined by the quality of the material the instrument is made of and the skill of the musician. Some people may think that all they need to do to make an instrument sound good is to buy a highly-priced instrument from a flashy brand. But while this is true to some extent, is also not the case.

Composites have the potential to replace other types of instruments, and they may be more durable than wood. There are several types of composites, and they all have their unique characteristics and benefits. On the other hand, there are many types of wood instruments. There are differences in the way each instrument sounds, but there are also physical differences between them.

What are Wood or Composite Instruments?

It’s no surprise that wood and brass now dominate the market when it comes to high-end musical instruments. The average price for a good-quality wood instrument can be as high as $3500. That’s not exactly a cheap option compared to a high-end brass instrument, which can be as low as $300. But at that price, it’s hard to justify the higher price for a wood instrument.

What would be the most reliable to use these days, wood or composite instruments?

For years, the most sought-after instruments in the world of music have been wood. Wood instruments are those that use a wooden body and neck. Wood instruments offer maximum resonance, a unique sound, and a warm, rich tone. Their tonal quality is superior compared to any modern instrument. However, wood instruments start to become damaged with age. The wood starts to decay, and with it, the instrument’s sound quality deteriorates.

Many musicians seek out instruments made of wood to avoid the “plinky” sound of metals and plastics. But why would you want to choose wood over other materials? Wood instruments indeed allow a good amount of flexibility in how you play, and many people choose to get a wood instrument because of the more organic feel it gives. However, not everyone agrees that wood instruments sound great, and a growing number of musicians prefer the sound of metal and plastic instruments.

With the increasing popularity of electronic instruments in music, there is a huge demand for new instruments created from composites rather than those made from wood. These instruments often have a more modern look and are more lightweight than instruments made from wood while also being stronger than the former. These factors make composites an attractive alternative to wood, and several companies are creating instruments from the new materials.

Beginners who want to get into the world of orchestral instruments often choose the easier route of going with a composite instrument. This is because a composite instrument is easier to play and is a good starting point for an aspiring player. However, many composers today are still writing music for woodwinds (Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven come to mind). All composers want to convey certain emotions and moods to their listeners, and the way they write music is an integral part of conveying their ideas. Take, for example, the music of Beethoven. It has many moods, which the listener can sense in the music.

Composite instruments are the best way to achieve authentic sounds while maintaining the durability, ease of repair, and affordability of a wood instrument. High-quality ABS is used for the body of the instrument in most cases. The material is also used for the head joint so that the instrument can be tuned and made to sound and play like a wood instrument. The materials used generally are stainless steel, brass, and plastic. The metal parts of the instrument have a high-quality finish to prevent oxidation.


Many options are available to you when deciding which instrument to buy. You can go with a more traditional option, a modern one, or a hybrid of the two. It’s always fun to play with different materials and create something unique. It’s even more fun when you can use your creativity to create something completely different from the original idea.

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