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Tips For New Artists: How to Find Your Art Style

Art means something different to everyone, we all like different art styles, but just because we do not agree on the same types, it does not mean that what is out there isn’t classed as ‘art’. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy says that the definition of art is controversial. Despite the controversy, people still create art that will convey personal emotions, record history, celebrate culture, and tell a story.

Creating our own art style though can still be hard, not everyone who decides to create art knows what exactly their own style is and how they can build on their artistic style to create something that expresses who they are and what they want to say.

Today we will discuss art style, what different types there are, and what you can do when you create your own unique style.

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What is an art style?

If we take it to its basic understanding, an art style is defined by a certain element that an artist has put in all their work. For example, if we look at Pablo Picasso, we know that he had a variety of art styles, but his most famous ones are Cubism and Surrealism.

Different artists have their own take on distinct art styles that makes them noticeable. From watercolors to pop art, art history is varied and full of artists with a signature style that sets them apart.

Greatest artists of all time

It is a mixed bag when it comes to labeling the greatest artist that ever lived. Some may say, Rembrandt, others Michelangelo, or there are people who would consider modern-day artists that are still alive to be the best, such as Jeff Koons or Damien Hirst. There is no right answer, it comes down to how art makes us feel and what we get from it.

So before you start to think about finding your art style, look at your favorite artists work and think about the era they created their art and what it meant at the time, and what it means to you now.

What art styles are there?

Over time art has never stayed the same, with the change in culture, society, trends, and influences, people draw from that and use their creativity to express how they feel. That’s not to say that they stick with whatever art style is currently popular, as they can pull from previous styles, but artistic style does adapt to the times.

Here are some art styles that are well-known and are used as a base from which people can build their art.

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Pop art

One of the most famous art styles in history was made legendary by artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, and so on. This is a style that incorporates elements of popular culture from different media outlets such as films and adverts. Bright and bold colors and humor were significant additions to making this style what it is.

Modern art

From the 1860s to the 1970s the modern art style is classed as something that makes a statement. It challenges traditions and shows experimentation. Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dalí, and Jackson Pollock are notable modern artists. It is an umbrella term, as other art styles do come under it, however, as long as the artist’s art style is not classed as traditional and moves away from the ‘old’ life.

Metal art

Metal art encompasses a wide array of creative expressions, where artists use metal materials to craft sculptures, installations, decorative pieces, and even functional objects. Working in metal art involves using a plethora of tools and techniques to shape, cut, weld, and manipulate metal into unique forms. Welding equipment, grinders, sanders, and CNC cutters are among the common tools that artists can use to refine and texture metal components for adding depth, dimension, and character to their artwork. Each metalwork piece tells a story of craftsmanship and creativity, thus inviting viewers to explore the intricate beauty of metal as a medium.

Abstract art

This type of art style is incredibly creative, it is classed as thought-provoking as well as emotional. It uses shapes and colors to convey the art, it is subjective rather than objective. It is not art that can be cut and dry, not two people posing or a scene that looks neat and put together. Artists such as Mark Rothko, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Willem de Kooning have made this art style famous.

woman in a pop art style painting

Fine art

Fine art is measured as a style that is created for aesthetic purposes as well as creative expression. It is also known as high art. Examples of fine art are drawing, painting, architecture and sculpture. Leonard da Vinci is highly regarded as one of the most famous fine art artists of all time.


This style is an accurate representation of contemporary life and the world in general. It is also used to describe art that looks realistic with paintings almost coming across as photographic. The artists that used realism as their style are people such as Edward Hopper, Diego Rivera, and Rosa Bonheur.


These art styles are only a handful of what is out there. There are sub-genres that come from the main styles that have been adapted over time. So if you are looking at how to find your art style, you may want to start from the beginning and work your way through. Making art doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time to create your specific style.

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Finding your own art style

Your own artistic style can take some time to grow. It takes effort to develop your own signature style. so being upset that you can’t seem to be exactly what you want to be straight away is not going to help you. You may want to be a professional artist selling prints of your art and influencing others, but art is about you, what you are taking from life, and how it impacts you.

There are some things you can do that will assist you in building on your skills.

Research other artist’s work

Look up the various art styles from different artists from each era, and see what particular medium they are working with, what unique styles they incorporated into their work, and how their own work influenced others. You can stick with your favorite artists or browse different mediums to experiment.

Gather inspiration

You can try emulating their work, do not blanketly copy what they have done of course, but see how you can take elements of what they have done and merge them with what you think. They can be your inspiration. You can use these techniques and designs to push you out of your comfort zone and build on your current knowledge.

Go searching

If you are looking into modern-day artists, they probably have an art blog that you can check out. If you are more focused on an artist’s career from a long time ago, then you may want to check out some art books or visit a few art galleries that will have original paintings and artwork for you to browse.

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Try new techniques

Leading on from looking at other artists, this can open you up to trying new techniques that you would not have tried before. It can seem daunting at first, but it is all trial and error. Spending your time creating art and letting your own work adapt will help you with finding the art style that you will carry on using.

Practice makes perfect. Whatever time you have free during the day, try out these different techniques you have found. Maybe think about changing up your color palette or shifting from canvas to clay sculpture to mix it up. Take a still life class on a weekend, and watch tutorials on Youtube. All of it comes together to help you be creative. You should enjoy creating something new. Don’t hold back.

Try not to get discouraged

It can be easy to get discouraged when you’re an artist, maybe you feel like your art is plain or boring, or maybe you think you’re not good enough to paint. Whatever you are telling yourself is not true.

People will offer up constructive criticism, don’t let it get to you. When finding your art style, you will go through ups and downs. Many artists do, but it doesn’t mean that you are not good, and who knows, maybe one day you’ll be able to sell prints of your art to people.

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Think about why you are doing this

What is the main reason for you to do this? What drives you to create art and be an artist? The process you go through can be one that takes you deep into your mind and digs into what you feel and how you would like to portray that on paper.

We all have our reasons to create. We can learn all the technical skills available and experiment with a variety of styles out there, but it all comes down to what you see and how it moves you.

What can you do with your art?

There are many things that you can do with your art. If you want to keep it to yourself and only have your eyes on it, then great, however, if you think it would be nice to put it in your home, give them as gifts, or start a business with it, then there are some things you can do to make it a reality.

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Starting a business

If you are creating good quality art prints out of your original artwork then you may want to think about selling what you make online either as a side business or a fully-fledged one. Whether you decide on the digital art route or are planning on going for handmade acrylic paintings as your chosen art form, you need to start investing in yourself and your art.

You could do each painting or digital print by yourself, or as your business grows, you may want to think about using print on demand companies to help you fulfill orders. There are plenty of options available.

Giclée Printing

This type of printing is classified as a high quality print technique. It is seen as a superior quality that also boasts longevity, so if you want to go for this type of print, then you will need to invest in a large format inkjet printer or use a local printer/printing company that can help you produce fine art prints and make your customers happy.

Before you send it off you need to make sure that the photo is ready to be printed, so you may want to run it through a photo editing program to see if you need to make any tweaks before having it printed and sent.

digital art being made on a tablet

Set up your own website

To reach out to potential buyers, you may want to think about setting up a website and making social media pages with links where people can buy your pictures, prints, paintings, etc., You want to reach out to as many people as possible and creating a website can help achieve that when you want to get your art business going.

You can offer people your high quality prints with coupon codes and giveaways, maybe even make limited edition prints on special occasions. If you need to get a large order out, you can speak to your printing company to see if they will give you a discount on bulk printing.

A website will help you move things along when you are making prints, as most people are buying online now anyway, so you don’t technically need a brick-and-mortar store to get customers.


Being an artist can be filled with ups and downs, but if you stick to it and focus on finding your own unique art style, you will feel fulfilled with yourself. You don’t need to sell prints to be considered an artist. Whilst it would be a great thing to accomplish, art is about your own feelings and emotions. If you paint, draw, and create honestly, you will find what you are looking for.

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